Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pampers extra protection overnights or Huggies overnights

So my little boy is 2 and we've always used pampers diapers during the day but a friend of mine suggested to use the Huggies overnights during the night! So that's what I did for 2 years until one day we ran out of Huggies and I went to the store and they're out too! So I decided to go with Pampers Extra Protection!
Bad decision! My boy woke up in the middle of the night wet from neck to toe! We needed to the sheets, pjs, diapers, everything! While with the Huggies, he can have a good 10 hour sleep without any of these problems!
I'll use the pampers extra p. in longer car rides, but otherwise I wouldn't recommend it!
So thumbs up Huggies overnights!!!

My son started daycare

Hi There,

I've had a few busy days so now I'm trying to get back on track! Let see how it'll work out! So I went back to work and my little boy (was 22 month old) started daycare! I was really scared how he's going to handle it, especially because he has always been around me (we have no Grandparents or any relatives around) and my Husband never agreed to finding a babysitter! We've had a few play dates before which he loved but it was a totally new place and we're planning to leave him there for full days!
So I've started to look for blogs and forums to read about the situation and somehow get ready! But I had to stop because most people wrote that they're desperate even after 6 month or a year, their kids are still crying when they leave! So I stopped and decided to wait how it goes!
The first day I was so excited I couldn't even sleep! We packed his little backpack and left only for an hour or two! My Husband decided to join us too!
When we got there and opened the door, the teachers meet us with a big smile! My son got really excited seeing the kids and the lot of new toys!!! Lots of trucks!!!
So he left to play without saying good bye or looking back! So my Hubby and I were just standing there and then the teacher told us we can leave, he looks fine!
I was like leave him here, now??? (I wasn't ready!)
But we left him there for 2 hours! We didn't even know what to do so we took a walk and had coffee! When we went back, they told us we was good, didn't even look for us or anything! So the next day I left him there for 4 hours, he had lunch there (he ate everything!!!) and I took him home before nap time! And after that we could leave him for the whole day!
Of course he has days when it's hard to say good bye and he cries for a minute or two but that's normal!He still has good days there! He sleeps there for 2 and a half hours, eats everything, he is just a good little boy!
I can see the teachers are really nice and kids are just the cutest there! It's a really cozy environment!

So don't give your hopes up! Thank God I didn't read all those scary stories! I feel really bad for them but I thought I have to share mine for those who needs to hear!

Sock monkey pictures!

So today it's raining, I feel down so I just thought these sock monkey pictures will cheer you up! Enjoy!

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Music boxes (Made To Order) from Simplycoolgifts

Hi There!

So as Mother's Day is coming up, my Husband came out with some new music box ideas! Check them out! Of course you can choose any initials, I think they'll all look great!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Looking for unique baby shower gifts? Check this out!

Hi There!

If you want to give something unique for a new Mom and Dad, hand crank music boxes are great ideas! First of all it's a keepsake, a perfect accessory for a new nursery, and everyone will have a great memory to tell when they see and listen to it!

Check out these pics! Aren"t they adorable?
You can place a custom order here, choose the melody, the color and the motif as well! You can order it with initials as well!
Tell me what do you think!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tiny twin sock monkey collection!

Hey Everyone!

I'm ready with my first tiny twin sock monkeys! I hope you'll like them! They are going to be available in my etsy shop:!

 I'll have more colors available soon! So now your twins can have their twin monkeys!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

And as St Patrick's Day is coming up, we have a green hurdy gurdy music box with a shamrock on it waiting for you!

As about the sock monkeys, my new idea is a "tiny twin" collection! I'm going to make small sock monkeys for twins! 2 from the same color! I hope you'll like them! I've just started but hopefully by tomorrow, I'll have something to show you!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I can't believe I didn't post any red music boxes! Because that was the other idea for Valentine's Day! Here they are!

I love all of them! If I'm not mistaken I think we've sold all of them but we take custom orders as well, so we can make you one if you like it! And don't forget to ask for the list of songs as well!
Have a nice day!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have you ever heard about Well me neither, but I think they're really cool! I've already set up my profile there!
Check it out:)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Music boxes for your love

As my Hubby started to make the first music boxes to sell, Valentine's Day was coming up so we decided to make love theme motifs!

I think they turned out beautiful, right? 

Friday, February 24, 2012

So we've opened our shops

So I think both of us can say "Thank you" for our little boy because he was our inspiration!

So I've started to make the monkeys and I think I can say, people like them! I don't know whether was the best decision or not, but it certainly was not a bad one!
As I've seen other sellers monkeys are all wearing clothes, I always wanted to give a plus and try to figure out something too, but in the end I've decided that with no clothes on and with the embroidered eyes and mouth, they'll all be suitable for babies as well! And that's how I like them!
I chose not to use the original red hell socks but to go with multicolored socks with dots and stripes!

Here's a few pictures of the first ones I made to sell on etsy!

You can see more at my etsy shop:!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How the music boxes were born

My Husband, Lotzy was always very handy! He can fix anything around the house and he always wanted to find a hobby, but he wasn't sure what! While I was pregnant, he started to bring home these weird saw things and he said he'll try some woodworking!
I was like okay, let's see how long it's going to last!
And when our son was born, I got the first ever made (by him)  hand crank music box and he put the Melody: "Your Are My Sunshine" in it!


It was so romantic and was so proud of him! Of course I started to show it to my friends and that's how it started! He started to make them to birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, bridal showers!
So he opened his etsy shop: Simplycoolgifts!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So a friend of mine suggested me we should start blogging to show our work to the world! So here we are! We are a young couple who recently fell in love with crafting!

I opened my sock monkey store a few month ago on!

You can check it out here: socksandmonkeyhugs

They way it started was simple! I have a little boy who is now 21 month old and when I was expecting him, the first thing I bought him was a sock monkey! A regular store bought one! 
It was sitting in his crib waiting for him! 
But my little boy didn't care much about him until he turned 1 year old! That little monkey had to wait almost 18 month little Beni's touch! But one day he woke up, he smiled at the monkey and they became really good friends!
We took Monkey everywhere! So he got dirty often! So I had to wash him often! After a few washes he literally fell apart! 
But I got little Beni a new one but the same thing happened! And then I got frustrated! I googled a sock monkey pattern, bought a few cute pairs of socks and I started to make monkeys for him! He has about 6! He loves all of them but 2 are really special!

Then I started to give them away as birthday gifts to my friends and their kids and everybody loved them!