Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So a friend of mine suggested me we should start blogging to show our work to the world! So here we are! We are a young couple who recently fell in love with crafting!

I opened my sock monkey store a few month ago on  etsy.com!

You can check it out here: socksandmonkeyhugs

They way it started was simple! I have a little boy who is now 21 month old and when I was expecting him, the first thing I bought him was a sock monkey! A regular store bought one! 
It was sitting in his crib waiting for him! 
But my little boy didn't care much about him until he turned 1 year old! That little monkey had to wait almost 18 month little Beni's touch! But one day he woke up, he smiled at the monkey and they became really good friends!
We took Monkey everywhere! So he got dirty often! So I had to wash him often! After a few washes he literally fell apart! 
But I got little Beni a new one but the same thing happened! And then I got frustrated! I googled a sock monkey pattern, bought a few cute pairs of socks and I started to make monkeys for him! He has about 6! He loves all of them but 2 are really special!

Then I started to give them away as birthday gifts to my friends and their kids and everybody loved them!


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