Saturday, July 28, 2012

My son started daycare

Hi There,

I've had a few busy days so now I'm trying to get back on track! Let see how it'll work out! So I went back to work and my little boy (was 22 month old) started daycare! I was really scared how he's going to handle it, especially because he has always been around me (we have no Grandparents or any relatives around) and my Husband never agreed to finding a babysitter! We've had a few play dates before which he loved but it was a totally new place and we're planning to leave him there for full days!
So I've started to look for blogs and forums to read about the situation and somehow get ready! But I had to stop because most people wrote that they're desperate even after 6 month or a year, their kids are still crying when they leave! So I stopped and decided to wait how it goes!
The first day I was so excited I couldn't even sleep! We packed his little backpack and left only for an hour or two! My Husband decided to join us too!
When we got there and opened the door, the teachers meet us with a big smile! My son got really excited seeing the kids and the lot of new toys!!! Lots of trucks!!!
So he left to play without saying good bye or looking back! So my Hubby and I were just standing there and then the teacher told us we can leave, he looks fine!
I was like leave him here, now??? (I wasn't ready!)
But we left him there for 2 hours! We didn't even know what to do so we took a walk and had coffee! When we went back, they told us we was good, didn't even look for us or anything! So the next day I left him there for 4 hours, he had lunch there (he ate everything!!!) and I took him home before nap time! And after that we could leave him for the whole day!
Of course he has days when it's hard to say good bye and he cries for a minute or two but that's normal!He still has good days there! He sleeps there for 2 and a half hours, eats everything, he is just a good little boy!
I can see the teachers are really nice and kids are just the cutest there! It's a really cozy environment!

So don't give your hopes up! Thank God I didn't read all those scary stories! I feel really bad for them but I thought I have to share mine for those who needs to hear!

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